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What is the Canada Beyond The Blue Police Suicide Memorial?

The Ontario Police Memorial Foundation commemorates the lives of police members killed in the line of duty. The OPMF doesn’t recognize those who have died by suicide. Canada Beyond the Blue and its chapters would like to officially memorialize police members who have died by suicide. Accordingly, Canada Beyond the Blue will honour these officers with Canada Beyond The Blue Police Suicide Memorial (Ontario) which will record names on a separate wall. As of now, this is the most respectful way to honour all our officers who have died. 


The isolation and shame that is endured by these bereaved families is deepened when they lose the opportunity to see their police member forever memorialized. Canada Beyond The Blue wishes to ensure that they are never forgotten and formally record their names on our Heroes in Life Monument remembering their service when they lived, not how they died.


The Canada Beyond The Blue Police Suicide Memorial is held virtually to honour the fallen and continue the grieving process as a community. This is an important symbolic event that brings a sense of healing and furthers the awareness of the mental health issues that burden our police members and their families.

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