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Police Suicide Memorial 

Saturday, June 17th, 2023 

11:00 AM

Video Tribute- Because of the line of duty 

Please select our Honour Roll button if you would like to add your loved one to our Remembrance Honour Roll.

Honour All of Our Fallen

Bruce Chapman,
Past PAO  President

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The PAO is honoured to endorse the Heroes In Life Memorial. Canada Beyond The Blue works hard to promote the importance of healing, awareness and inclusivity amongst our law enforcement community. A spirit of hope is created for those bereaved by suicide when we honour our police personnel members for how they lived, and when we bring awareness to the life-altering impact policing can have on the lives of those who choose this profession and the lives of their loved ones.

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Andrew Nanton,
Director Canadian 

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The North American Association of Police Investigators is very proud and honoured to support Canada Beyond the Blue and the Ontario Police Heroes in Life Memorial. This Memorial is important, as it pays tribute and honour to our colleagues who have died by suicide after suffering from work place related mental injuries, accumulative stress and traumatic incidents they have witnessed and been apart of over their careers. This Memorial is ever so important to show their families that we will always remember their loved ones. Those never forgotten, live forever.

 Rob Jamieson,
Past OPPA President

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The Ontario Police Heroes in Life Memorial event will not only be a time to remember those we have lost to suicide, but to reflect on their accomplishments, dedication to service and community involvement. The OPP Association looks forward to supporting the families and increasing awareness on the importance of mental health in the policing community.

Mike McCormack,
Past TPA President

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The Toronto Police Association is proud to support this Canada Beyond The Blue Initiative. The Ontario Police Heroes In Life Memorial is the next step in bringing awareness, advocacy, and healing for the law enforcement community and the families that support them.


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I am grateful to our partners, Canada Beyond The Blue, for their unwavering commitment to supporting and strengthening our policing families. It is important that we remember and recognize our officers who have died by suicide for the contributions they made in service to our communities, and it is critical that we support their surviving families. The Heroes in Life Memorial is an important symbol in remembrance of the officers we have lost to suicide and a powerful opportunity to bring policing organizations and surviving families together, establishing strong bonds founded upon our shared interest in, and commitment to, the health and well-being of our members and their families.

Rev. Dr Cheri Dinovo

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The time has come, in fact is long overdue, when we recognize as heroic the lives of those who've succumbed both to mental and physical injury in the line of duty. It is a sacred task to honour our fallen, all of our fallen.

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